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Dorothy Sasso

Freelance writer, editor, proofreader and researcher. I am an Arts & Entertainment, Lifestyle and Health & Wellness writer. I write book reviews, event previews, personal essays and features. I am experienced in conducting interviews and covering events. I'm a pop culture junkie always on the hunt for new books to read and TV shows to obsess over.

You can find my book reviews at and learn more about my novel in progress at


On the Books: Lauren Graham’s writing as charming as onscreen characters

I’ve been a fan of actress Lauren Graham since she first starred on “Gilmore Girls.”. When Netflix picked up a four-part “Gilmore Girls” revival, I rewatched the entire run of the original show last summer. At the end, I decided I would miss Lauren Graham so much that I binge watched her next show, “Parenthood” (which is fantastic).
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On the Books: ‘The Witchwood Crown’ starts slow but worth the long read

When I was in middle school, someone gave me one of those “This Book Belongs To” stickers (remember those?). It depicted four people, two of whom were clearly not fully human — aliens or elves perhaps. The other two were human, a young man and a woman. The woman stood proudly behind the man with a bow in her hand, while the man held a sword over his shoulder.
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On the Books: ‘People We Hate at the Wedding’ full of hateable characters

I’ve been seeing “The People We Hate at the Wedding” everywhere since it was published in early June. The title suggested a fun, snarky and catty read that would be a welcome break after Tad Williams’ doorstop of a book, “The Witchwood Crown.”. “The People We Hate at the Wedding” could be described more as “The People I Hate in this Book,” which was pretty much every character.
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On the Books: Relatable chic lit novel examines perception on social media

These days, it seems like we live our lives through the filter of social media. We post only the pictures and stories that show our lives in the best light. Perhaps there are a lot of people out there who would identify with how tired I am as a stay-at-home mom of two or how fed up I can be by my toddler’s tantrums and my baby’s constant crying.
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On the Books: ‘Swing Time’ too boring to be worth the time it takes to read

My senior writing seminar in college focused on “New Writers,” the rising literati that included authors like Jonathan Safron Foer and Dave Eggers. The professor decided that instead of reading these writers’ acclaimed first novels, we would read their more disappointing second books. It was in this class that I was introduced to Zadie Smith, a British novelist whose first book, “White Teeth,” was auctioned to publishers based on a partial manuscript.
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On the Books: ‘Confessions of a Domestic Failure’ appeals to moms everywhere

On May 14, I spent a lovely Mother’s Day with my family. My favorite part of the day was when my girls went down for naps and my husband cleaned the house after shooing me outside to read on the deck with a cup of tea and a plate of fruit. It was glorious. I was tearing through Bunmi Laditan’s “Confessions of a Domestic Failure.”.
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On the Books: ‘Cranes Dance’ examines sisters and their psyches

As a young girl, I took ballet, tap and jazz for years. I spent every Saturday at dance school through eighth grade, as well as evenings during the week. As I got older, a lack of time and talent stymied my early dance dreams. Despite that, I still love dance, particularly ballet. I’m familiar with a lot of the stories of well-known ballets and enjoy seeing performances whenever I can.
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On the Books: ‘Sacre Bleu’ paints its story with a rich palate

Christopher Moore is the king of wacky, irreverent but also incredibly smart novels. I never really know what to expect when I pick up one of his books; it’s always a wild ride. The first of his books that I read was “Lamb,” a fictionalized version of the missing years of Jesus. If you’re familiar with the Bible, Jesus is mentioned as a 12-year old and then not again until he is 30.
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On the Books: Plot of Atwood’s ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ frightening because plausible

Books are meant to leave an impression. Great writing can make readers laugh and cry, and it can carry them to new places and take them on exciting adventures. And the very best books can haunt you. So it is with Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.”. I first read the 1985 novel in college, and it left such an impression on me that despite only reading it once, the disquieting fear that I was left with has lingered throughout the years.
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On the Books: Mysterious Martha’s Vineyard moment fragments a family

I complained last month about how hit-or-miss Kindle First books (a perk of Amazon Prime membership where you get to choose a free, not-yet-released e-book) are. However, I lucked out with “Sisters One, Two, Three.”. This novel was a gripping page-turner as well as a heartwarming family story. Nancy Star’s latest novel follows the three Tangle sisters.
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On the Books: Exploring a different side of World War II

I’ve read many novels about World War II, but “Star Sand” was unlike any other book I’ve ever read. Living on the small Japanese island of Hatomo, a 16-year-old girl, Hiromi, is waiting for the war to end. She spent her childhood in America, but her Japanese-born father brought her back home a few years before the war started.
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On the Books: “Home by Nightfall” is the latest installment in Charles Finch’s series about Englishman Charles Lenox

I rarely invest in long running book series. But, every year I look forward to Charles Finch’s newest installment in his Victorian mystery series. The series features Charles Lenox, a wealthy gentleman who lives in London and solves crimes as a hobby. As the novels progress, Lenox becomes an invaluable asset to the city’s police.
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Dorothy Sasso

I have been telling stories my whole life. I was a highly imaginative child who was endlessly inventing creative games.

I started writing short stories very early on, and eventually worked up to starting my first novel in high school. While the book itself was highly derivative of the fantasy novels I had been reading at the time, my submission of the work in progress led to my placement in an advanced freshman writing class at Loyola University Maryland. At Loyola, I pursued a writing and history degree, which I earned in 2003.

My first job was as an editorial assistant at "Soap Opera Digest." Initially, At the magazine, I worked my way up to being the co-editor for "The Young and the Restless" and eventually "Guiding Light".

During my time at "Soap Opera Digest", I earned a Masters of Science in Adolescent Education (Grades 7-12). Afterwards, I spent 8 years as a history teacher, but never gave up my love of writing.

I introduced a major research term paper into the 8th grade curriculum, as well as regular essays, which helped to hone my proofreading and editing skills. I also put together my own sourcebooks to use in place of textbooks, which were compiled from a variety of sources. This included a writing guide. Additionally, I helped to streamline a writing curriculum for the middle school History, English, and Science classes.

In 2014, I left teaching to raise my daughter. I had kept a book review blog from 2011-2014, which drew the attention of the Arts and Entertainment editor for the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. She brought me on as the paper's weekly book reviewer. Over time, my responsibilities evolved to include a weekly events preview for Philadelphia and New York, as well as a monthly Local Author Spotlight.

My work at the Times Leader included interviews, transcriptions, event previews and features on a variety of subjects.

I have also written for The Weekender, a weekly publication that is part of the Times Leader, Geekadelphia,, and

Currently, I write for She's It, a Lifestyle Technology website for women and for Geekadelphia, "Philly's premier geek blog, primarily covering passionate topics such as film, comics, literature, video games and technology with a local focus."

I am also working on a novel, The Maybe Baby Club. Visit to learn more.

I look forward to taking on more freelance opportunities in writing, research, proofreading and editing.



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