Dorothy Sasso

Freelance Writer

Huntingdon Valley, PA

Dorothy Sasso

Freelance writer, editor, proofreader and researcher. I am an Arts & Entertainment, Lifestyle and Health & Wellness writer. I write book reviews, event previews, personal essays and features. I am experienced in conducting interviews and covering events. I'm a pop culture junkie always on the hunt for new books to read and TV shows to obsess over.

You can find my book reviews at and learn more about my novel in progress at


Why I’m Obsessed with … Peggy Carter

Okay everyone, say hello to our new writer, Dorothy S. Dorothy has obsessions (We’ve all been there) and she’s going to share them with us! You know a character is supposed to stand out from the crowd when she walks into a sea of faceless men in identical gray suits rocking a jaunty red hat and royal blue suit.

Grimm Q&A: Wu and Silverton Speak Out

Life in Portland has taken a crazy turn for two of its residents. In the last few months, Sergeant Drew Wu believed he was going crazy after coming into contact with mysterious creatures. However, Nick and Hank finally let him in on the world of Wesen and now he’s part of the team. Meanwhile, Nick’s girlfriend, Dr.

Veronica Mars’ new case “Mr. Kiss and Tell”

Recappers’ Delight Sits Down with everyone’s favorite tiny blonde vampire slayer… erm, we mean detective, Veronica Mars. Veronica Mars: As Elvis Costello says, “her name was Veronica.”. RD: Right. You’re having quite the moment in the spotlight. First you proved that Logan Echolls didn’t kill pop star Carrie Bishop and then you found a missing girl during Neptune’s Spring Break season.

Why I’m Obsessed with … Grimm

Before 2011, my German vocabulary consisted of “brautwurst,” “sauerkraut,” and “Nein!”. That has expanded significantly and not a day goes by without discussing “hexenbeists,” blutbads,”reinegen,” and “landjäger.”. Okay that last one is still a food but you get the point. I thank Grimm for making me worldly … and making a hell of an entertaining show, that’s why I’m looking forward to its return on Friday!

Why I’m Obsessed With… Ken Marino

You might not be able to place the name, but you’ve no doubt seen Ken Marino. The actor, who stars as Jake on the NBC sitcom Marry Me, has popped up all over the place since he first appeared on MTV’s ’90s show The State. On Marry Me, Marino plays the laid-back, affable fiancé of drama queen Annie and gets plenty of opportunities to let his quirky flag fly.


Dorothy Sasso

I have been telling stories my whole life. I was a highly imaginative child who was endlessly inventing creative games.

I started writing short stories very early on, and eventually worked up to starting my first novel in high school. While the book itself was highly derivative of the fantasy novels I had been reading at the time, my submission of the work in progress led to my placement in an advanced freshman writing class at Loyola University Maryland. At Loyola, I pursued a writing and history degree, which I earned in 2003.

My first job was as an editorial assistant at "Soap Opera Digest." Initially, At the magazine, I worked my way up to being the co-editor for "The Young and the Restless" and eventually "Guiding Light".

During my time at "Soap Opera Digest", I earned a Masters of Science in Adolescent Education (Grades 7-12). Afterwards, I spent 8 years as a history teacher, but never gave up my love of writing.

I introduced a major research term paper into the 8th grade curriculum, as well as regular essays, which helped to hone my proofreading and editing skills. I also put together my own sourcebooks to use in place of textbooks, which were compiled from a variety of sources. This included a writing guide. Additionally, I helped to streamline a writing curriculum for the middle school History, English, and Science classes.

In 2014, I left teaching to raise my daughter. I had kept a book review blog from 2011-2014, which drew the attention of the Arts and Entertainment editor for the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. She brought me on as the paper's weekly book reviewer. Over time, my responsibilities evolved to include a weekly events preview for Philadelphia and New York, as well as a monthly Local Author Spotlight.

My work at the Times Leader included interviews, transcriptions, event previews and features on a variety of subjects.

I have also written for The Weekender, a weekly publication that is part of the Times Leader, Geekadelphia,, and

Currently, I write for She's It, a Lifestyle Technology website for women and for Geekadelphia, "Philly's premier geek blog, primarily covering passionate topics such as film, comics, literature, video games and technology with a local focus."

I am also working on a novel, The Maybe Baby Club. Visit to learn more.

I look forward to taking on more freelance opportunities in writing, research, proofreading and editing.



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